Home Depot Offers Identity Protection to Customers After Breach

Home Depot is offering identity protection services after a breach today.  Considering that it is one of the larger retailers in the United States, this means that alot of customers may have been impacted.

Kudos to Home Depot for offering credit monitoring and identity protection to customers.

Customers received the following letter.


Dear Valued Customer, 

As you may have heard, on September 8, 2014, we confirmed that our payment data systems have been breached, which could potentially impact customers using payment cards at our U.S. and Canadian stores. On September 18, 2014, we confirmed that the malware used in the breach has been eliminated from our U.S. and Canadian stores and that we have completed a major payment security project that provides enhanced encryption of payment data at point of sale throughout our U.S. stores, offering significant new protection for customers. There is no evidence that debit PIN numbers were compromised or that checks were impacted. Additionally, there is no evidence that the breach has impacted stores in Mexico or customers who shopped online at HomeDepot.com. 

We are offering customers who used a payment card at a Home Depot store in 2014, from April on, 12 months of free identity protection services, including credit monitoring, beginning on September 19, 2014. We apologize for the frustration and anxiety this may cause you and we thank you for your patience during this time. 

For more information, please visit our website where you’ll find frequently asked questions, helpful tips, our Important Customer Notice, and information about how to take advantage of the free identity protection services, including credit monitoring. Should you have questions regarding the authenticity of this email or any additional questions over the coming days and weeks, please call 1-800-HOMEDEPOT. 

We hope this information is useful and we appreciate your continued support. 

The Home Depot 


Visit homedepot.com for more details.

More Than Just a Theme (Drupal)

— Drupal on steriods!

As a web developer, I’ve created and modified Drupal and WordPress themes. No problem. Take photoshop design, slice and code. Make it look like the mock up.

When a client who really liked using WordPress but had a complex Drupal site already built brought a $47 Drupal theme by More Than Themes to me and asked “What do you think?” I was skeptical.

Two weeks later, we have converted to the new theme and the site is so much more user friendly. The theme that we used as our base came with custom features such as:

  • Five color schemes
  • Multiple background patterns
  • Superfish menus
  • Slideshow
  • Slideshow thumbnails
  • Built in reservation form
  • Pick a font with a couple of clicks, no code!
  • Image galleries page
  • Extra blogging features
  • One or two column layout
  • Gorgeous testimonials
  • and more

More than Themes really does deliver more than a theme. As a Drupal developer I can’t rave enough about the themes and how much time (and budget) they save. For $47 you can get a Drupal site that would cost thousands to develop, even in Drupal. These guys have really thought of everything. Check them out at http://www.morethanthemes.com

Getting things done with Basecamp

As a productivity nerd I have tried every project management software tool and task management tool that I could find.  I have probably spent many hours working on how to work :-P

My top 3 finds over the years are Basecamp, Things and Asana.  I actually use all three at different times and for different reasons although I am trying to pare it down to using just one.

Basecamp is a web application that is very popular and pretty much the industry standard for team task and project management.  At most of the team consulting jobs that I’ve worked on we’ve used Basecamp.

Basecamp Benefits:

  • Nice user interface, easy to use
  • Its the industry standard for agencies
  • Daily email updates to the group
  • Makes it easy to share what’s going on with a project it ‘s really easy to use
Basecamp Drawbacks:
  • There are no nested tasks or dependencies, its a simple app after all.
  • The cost starts at $20 per month so depending on your business, you may not want to pay this. (I personally do, and feel that it’s well worth it)


We’ll be sharing a video and screenshots of basecamp as well as an intro on how to use it shortly.