Tech got you down?

It's amazing how much time working on your websites and other tech work can take up, especially for the small business owner.    It can be much more profitable (and less frustrating) to hire a tech person or company to take care of these things. … [Read more]

Premium WordPress Hosting

Web hosts are now offering hosting specifically for WordPress.  These hosts boast security, speed, and many other advantages. So far we have found the following: WP Engine Pagely FlyWheel Media Temple Check them out! … [Read more]

More Than Just a Theme (Drupal)

— Drupal on steriods! As a web developer, I've created and modified Drupal and WordPress themes. No problem. Take photoshop design, slice and code. Make it look like the mock up. When a client who really liked using WordPress but had a complex … [Read more]

Getting things done with Basecamp

As a productivity nerd I have tried every project management software tool and task management tool that I could find.  I have probably spent many hours working on how to work :-P My top 3 finds over the years are Basecamp, Things and Asana.  I … [Read more]

Drupal or WordPress?

Drupal or WordPress?  Well that's a good question that we are asked alot.  For smaller websites, or marketing type websites, we always recommend WordPress.  Its easier and faster for the average person to learn WordPress and there are hundreds of … [Read more]

WordPress and why we love it

WordPress started out as a blogging system but it is now being used as a Content Management System.  In simple terms, this means that you can log into your website from anywhere and update it from any computer or even your smartphone without having … [Read more]

Create a professional website yourself

It used to be expensive and time consuming to have a website created.  A programmer was needed and it would cost thousands of dollars.  Not anymore.  WordPress, Drupal and other content management systems have made it simple to create a website for … [Read more]